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Guideline for the design and thought behind this site.

Guideline for the design and thought behind this site.

The document section will be divided into a few section that make sense to me at the time of deployment (subject to change of course).

There will be the following sections: Server, pretty self explanatory as the section where OnPrem and Cloud server configs and deployment notes will go. Workstation, again pretty self explanatory for workstation or as the kids call it now days PC configs go. Reference, this will be misc references and links to other sources. Examples, misc. examples of scripts or other things that I have done or read that don’t fit in the other sections. Development, I would not at this time still consider my self a developer, I am taking classes and learning more each day, development notes will go in here. Security, I’m also training for security certs. Notes pertaining to security, pretesting, OSINT, forensics and all manner of Script Kiddiness will go in here. Tutorials, the idea here is for videos, etc…. Not sure that one will ever happen honestly.

Sections that never get used will eventually be removed and new sections may be added in the future as makes sense. Even though the structure is all there now, I’m only creating files as I actually have content to show. So they will still link in the overview, but may not actually show up in the tree yet.