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Build RKey Tech

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I’ve only recently started building websites using markdown and processing through Hugo. So for a while I was trying out several different themes, trying to find the right fit. I liked Ananke theme and then tried Docsy, but found Docsy felt like a mess trying to setup. I finally discovered that simpler is better and have settle on my two favorite themes. Congo and Dimension. Because I mirror this site with another under my real name they are both using the Congo theme. I then build out pages for this site using Atom VSCodium and then while still in Atom VSCodium, just copy the page over to the other site and change the names to protect the guilty. I suppose if you were to look at the source code for the other site, you would discover this one. But honestly, until I change some fake 404 links under different domains, it’s a pretty obvious discovery anyway. It only takes looking at the shared personal productivity site. My personal site is using the Dimension theme and though it is a very cool theme. It seems that it would not work well for documenting things or rather for reading those documented things.

Update 05 September 2022

As you will notice I’m no longer using Congo or Dimension. Seems Docsy has grown on me a bit.